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My primary mission is to build a catalog of gorgeous content that documents the ever changing local landscape. Photos and videos of places near and far mixed in with the stories of a thriving Middle Tennessee.


Landscapes, structures, inhabitants, and change


Through licensing, prints, social media and passing along the stories


Capture the essence of the places and people for future generations


Organize and catalog content so it is available in an accessible format


for as long as I can

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Taking photos has always been a hobby. From slideshows in college to photos of our travels, there was usually a camera around.

After building websites, applications, and managing development projects and products, there was nothing tangible at the end for most involved. It was just money for time. The projects and sites would come and go; and get unceremoniously replaced by something slightly different within a few years. There is some irony in that statement, as this is the third or fourth iteration of this website; but a former web developer using SquareSpace should tell you something about long term industry trends. The Internet is no longer the realm of neckbeards. The internet is a testbed of platforms for influencers and other combinations of words that mean nothing.

With that soul inventory and moral compass calibration, the challenge of building a catalog of landscapes and landmarks in Middle Tennessee seemed more important. Snapshots and windows into a certain time and place. With the growth from both sides of the map, a seat in Pleasant View, TN is prime for documenting this growth.

With growth comes change. Change means progress to some people. Change is a dirty word to others. Either way, it is inevitable. So I may as well capture as much of now while I can.


it takes


What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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